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Re: HP DL120 G7 - install Windows

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HP DL120 G7 - install Windows

I have a problem with installing Windows 2012r2 operating system on HP DL120 G7 server.

How to set up RAID, I'll load controller drivers, but you can't see the disks

I will run as AHCI or Legacy, then when trying to install I have:

"we could not create a new partition or locate an existing partition"

the drives are good because I checked on several drives.

When I try to install via SmartStart I have the same message as above

Do I need to set something in BIOS? I reset to factory settings


Re: HP DL120 G7 - install Windows


I do not see windows 2012 R2 listed as supported OS option for HP ProLiant DL120 Generation 7 server.

Reference links below:

Plese check for "Supported ProLiant servers" on below link. 

On best effort basis, I am sharing below information.

Default storage controller should be Storage Controller HP Smart Array B110i SATA RAID Controller.

How to set up RAID: As per your requirement, please create RAID using Array configuration Utility from the Smart Start CD. If required, you can download the ISO image from below link 

To install Windows server 2012 R2 , please boot the server directly with OS media and then perform the installation.

In order to detect the logical drive during the OS installation by the controller, please provide the storage controller driver(download link below) referring the below steps. 

>From the above link, pleased download cp022401.exe and extract its content on a FAT32 formatted USB drives.

> Boot the server with the Windows 2012 DVD it will come to the screen " Where do you want to install windows " & below you will see option load driver.

> Click on load driver & browse to the USB Key location where the extracted B120i Drivers are located & continue.

> Now the controller gets enabled & you will see the hard drives to select for the Windows Installation.

> Continue with the installation. 

Note:  The controller driver link shared above is for default controller, driver file would be different if there is another add on controller installed. 

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Re: HP DL120 G7 - install Windows

I know how to install operating systems on servers :)

I already solved the problem, after many trial and error methods it turned out that the problem is in hard drives, because I inserted 4TB and the server does not support them.

Although the specification is that the server should support such disks (HP only) and I have other hard drives from another company.