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HP DL120 G9 server with SSD

Occasional Advisor

HP DL120 G9 server with SSD


I need a not very expensive server, but i need very fast Hard Drives.

My choise here is HP DL120G9, but the hard drive controller does not support SSD, i was considering to buy P420i .

The idea is to create RAID 10 with 4 SSD for the database and files and RAID 1 with 2 SAS or SSD for O.S.

My choise for SSD is the Samsung Serie 850 Pro 1TB.


But maybe i could chose SAS 1TB 7.2k or SAS 900GB 10K, the performance is not the same, but i have been using SCSI and SAS all my life and it always did the job.

What are your thoughts on SSD on a database Server?

the O.S is Windows 2012 Server. 

The program runs on SQL express.

The program the users will work, is intense, it will end the papper usage in the company. Everything is to be done in the program, reports, photos uploads, financial, administration services, etc etc. So has you can see it will have alot disk usage. 

The company is small, it's about 10 users, but it have alot of work, and it's growing. 

My view for this server is to work for about 10 to 15 years.

I know this will come down to the price, but just forget that for awhile, what is your expert opinion.