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HP DL120G6 P212 Raid Controller Hang: Debugging ?

Matthew Darcy
Occasional Contributor

HP DL120G6 P212 Raid Controller Hang: Debugging ?

I have a HP DL120G6 server, currently running RHEL 6.2


The machine has 2 x 147GB Sata disks.


upon booting the machine if I press F8 to enter the P212 raid controller setup, I am presented with the blue menu screen with options to create array etc.


However I cannot move the menu items with the keyboard, the screen is hung and does not respond to any input.


I have tried with different USB and PS2 keyboards that are known working.


I suspect a fault with this raid controller but I don't know how to actually run a diagnostic on it.


The reason I am not sure of the issue is if I boot into RHEL 6 and use the command line tools to create a raid 0 mirrorarray , it works and creates an array (this can be confirmed working if I don't press F8 and allow the machine to boot I see one logical disk presented) if I then delete that array with the command line tools, the 1 logical disk presented message is replaces with no logical disks defined, Press F8 to create one messages, which if I press F8, I am again entered into the blue admin menu, but I am again unable to use the keyboard to move the cursour.


so the raid controller appears to be working fine, just not the menu system.


I can use the keyboard to move around the bios functionality fine, just not the raid controller menu.


Any suggestions on debugging or resolution would be most welcome.

Esteemed Contributor

Re: HP DL120G6 P212 Raid Controller Hang: Debugging ?

Hi Matthew


Workaround : Boot the server from the Smart Start and Go to Array Config utility which will assist in creating a array


Diagnostics : Also Smart start has diagnostic for the controller which could identify issues with the controller.


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Goutham Sabala
Johan Guldmyr
Honored Contributor

Re: HP DL120G6 P212 Raid Controller Hang: Debugging ?

Workaround: if you have iLO you can configure it while accessing the remote console.