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HP DL140G3 +P600 + MSA50 ? Why not?

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HP DL140G3 +P600 + MSA50 ? Why not?

If anybody can tell me why I cannot connect MSA50 to DL140G3, installing P600. I contacted local HP and was told that P600 is not certified for 140g3 so it will not work, and by the way -140 is a loozy device. You (I) can buy P500 )). But i have allready 3 things mentioned above and want to get some extra disk space. Reading 140 DOC:Server has PCI expansion slots 64bit/133Mhz,3.3volts, PCI-Express, Full length, full height. Just as the P-600 tech data. (i need only extra Rizer boardcard -CN6)
I want to connect to P600 1 avail ext con. MSA50. Why it cannot work???
juan quesada
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Re: HP DL140G3 +P600 + MSA50 ? Why not?

check the cables you need for the msa-p600 connection
dl140 g3 does not support the p600 as you mentioned but if you have the PCI-X riser cage option part you can try it since the slots and p600 card work with PCIX-133 and 3.3 volt PCI.
there is no guarantee that it will work but, since you have all the required HW, you can try it