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HP DL160 G6 Fan Configuration

Travis N
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HP DL160 G6 Fan Configuration

After adding a second CPU to a DL160 G6, I receive a fan warning during boot. The systems does boot and run properly, but the fans stay at maximum speed. I cannot find documentation on fan configurations (like for the DL360). Can anyone advise and how this fan warning and high fan speed operation can be resolved. Adding more fans seems to not be an option as the 6 board headers are already occupied.
Travis N
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Re: HP DL160 G6 Fan Configuration

Many Thanks,

Just applying the BIOS update seems to have done the trick. I am running Fedora 10 so (and no LOM) so the other updates do not apply.

The fans were still as shown in the manual (factory standard).

Much appreciated.

juan quesada
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Re: HP DL160 G6 Fan Configuration


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Re: HP DL160 G6 Fan Configuration

There was a problem after install the second processor (Intel Xeon E5620 80W)
Processors are heated to 68 degrees Celsius. I noticed that in the BIOS and iLo written:
Temperature CPU1 sensor | Normal operating range | 30 deg. C
Temperature CPU2 sensor | Normal operating range | 30 deg. C
Temperature IOH Temp      | Normal operating range | 68.5 deg. C
Temperature CPUx sensors values are not changed.
Analog sensor "WIKA", put on the lid of the server shows max 58 degrees.
HWMonitor from CPU-id showed different CPU temperature
Then I moved the 1 fan for configuration 130W: High leveled both processors on a maximum mark of 68 degrees at 100% load.
During the last firmware update BMC - server broke. Perhaps due to overheating. I spent a few hours to restore BMC.
At this time, the fans spinning at maximum, and processors remained cold.
After restoring the BMC problem with the temperature back: with increasing temperatures of CPUs, the server does not increase the fan speed. Probably due to the fact that the Temperature CPUx sensors do not work properly. How can manually configure the speed of the fans?

OS Installed: CitrixXEN Server 6.2 SP1


Re: HP DL160 G6 Fan Configuration



Just make sure both the processors are of same type and specifications.

Update the BIOS before installing the processor.
Complete power down the server remove the all power cables and install the additional processor.
Boot the server and check for the issue.
If issue remains the same then swap the processors around like Processor 1 into CPU Slot 2 and Processor 2 into CPU Slot 1.

If issue remains the same then install just the new processor into CPU slot 1 and keep the CPU slot 2 empty and boot the server.


Like this you will come to know if the issue is with processor or slot.


Thank You!
I am a HP employee.

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Re: HP DL160 G6 Fan Configuration

I tried all the recommendations. Even took XEON E5620 processor from another server and put them in HP DL160, the same result - shows 30 degrees.
 I updated the all BIOS as the primary and BMC. Today I received from HP another motherboard, the board was not new, with lots of hours of operation. I left only one processor, but the result has not changed. However HWMonitor from correctly shows the temperature of all processor cores. The only problem with iLo, вut the fans do not start spinning faster. I still think, what is the probability that replaced The motherboard came with the same problem that occurs.

Unfortunately I have no other processors except Intel Xeon E5620.
But so far I have not found evidence of any incompatibilities. However, HP engineer said that he found in the database similar problems, but no new solutions.

But I would have been satisfied to increase the fan speed manually, but I did not find this function.


PS. One time I saw these sensors work. It was when the BMC firmware was old and the new BIOS version. I looked at the temperature wrong and I flash also BMC. After that everything was back as it was.

Original BMC version was 4.21




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Re: HP DL160 G6 Fan Configuration

Temperature     CPU1 sensor     Normal operating range     34 deg. C


I rolled back to version 4.06 (2009)
Temperature sensor is joined, worked exactly 5 minutes. When the installation of the operating system again started showing 30 degrees.

The latest firmware I had installed 4.26.



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Re: HP DL160 G6 Fan Configuration

I found at which point the temperature sensor works and shows the correct temperature .

The CPU temperature starts to appear when restart the server to display the screen "Proliant" and slow fans. I did PowerCycle server - HTTP iLO is displayed the temperature 47 degrees (compared with an analog sensor , temperature readings were very similar) , and with a few taps F5 on the screen http - iLo I saw the temperature readings quickly returned to a position of 30 degrees , and remain.

It turns out that at the moment when the server CPU temperature sensor works . The question remains, why after loading iLo sensor disconnected ?



I found one more thing when activated sensor CPU temperature.
I installed an older version of the system BIOS firmware from 08.2010.
All the same, I decided to return the firmware version iLo 4.06 to version 4.26. Found that while downloading the firmware to the memory from USBKey, the sensors involved. Fans have earned up to 11000RPM.


After updating BMC to 2.46 version, shamanism with the launch of the sensors by running ROMPaq from USBKey more repeat fails.

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Re: HP DL160 G6 Fan Configuration

Program HP System Management Homepage correctly displays the CPU temperature via SNMP.

Sensor Location Temperature Threshold Reaction Type

2             Memory     31 C                   87 C        Critical

3             Memory     31 C                   87 C        Critical

5             Memory     32 C                   78 C        Critical

6             Memory     31 C                   78 C        Critical

8             Memory     31 C                   78 C        Critical

9             Memory     31 C                   78 C        Critical

10          Memory     30 C                    85 C        Critical

21          Ambient     23 C                    42 C        Critical  

22          System      41 C                    70 C        Critical - Processor Sensor

23          System      42 C                    63 C        Critical

24          System      37 C                    71 C        Critical

25          System      25 C                    58 C        Critical

26          System      30 C                    68 C        Critical

27         System       41 C                    66 C        Critical

28         System       30 C                    58 C        Critical

29         System       30 C                    58 C        Critical

30         System       34 C                    76 C        Critical 




Temperature | CPU1 sensor | Normal operating range | 30 deg. C


It is believed that the problem in the firmware iLo, stops reading after calibration to determine when the server boots. Replacing the motherboard and processor (tried only Xeon E5620) does not give a positive result.


I really need help in solving this issue. PLEASE...



I ran Intel Linpack, and then started to display the CPU temperature in the BMC. But as the program ended, the readings return to 30 degrees.
I'm so tired with this "voodoo" around this server .. It's time to buy big shaman drum.

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Re: HP DL160 G6 Fan Configuration

I am having the exact same problem as you do on a DL160 G6 with 2x Xeon 5650. I can read true CPU temp at booting before the HP logo appears. Then the CPU temperature will stay at 30 degrees even after loading the OS. The CPU core temperature can be much higher, but IPMI reading stays at 30C. I tried to cold restart BMC after entering the OS (I am running Ubuntu), the temperature reads correctly after reset, but the all the fans run at full speed (between 11K and 14K) afterwards.


I wondre if there is any other solution. 


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Re: HP DL160 G6 Fan Configuration



we have the same exact problem, i googled for some time now but no solution found.


cpu shows 30degree in bmc but you almost burn you hands on the cpu heatsink.


did somebody found a solution?


kind regards,


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Re: HP DL160 G6 Fan Configuration

I am having this exact same problem with two DL160's both with E5520's bmc shows 30C except during boot, please fix!