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HP DL20 Gen10 Supported M2 Hardware

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HP DL20 Gen10 Supported M2 Hardware

Hi there,

i search since arround an hour, but i didn't found any answer. So i feel free to ask here in the support forum and hope to get an answer.

What kind of M2 is supported in the DL20 internal Slot? Just for Information, it's for Homeuse, so it's not critical.

I tried to use an Transcend SATA M2 but those didn't get regnoized. So i think M2 PCIe should be the correct way?
Or is there a signature lock that there is only hp branded hardware supported?

Thanks in advance



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Re: HP DL20 Gen10 Supported M2 Hardware

According to the Quickspec, M.2 2280

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Re: HP DL20 Gen10 Supported M2 Hardware

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Re: HP DL20 Gen10 Supported M2 Hardware

Please refer to the DL20 quick spec, Upgradeability section.

The DL20 Gen10 supports M.2 NVMe SSD, so a M.2 SATA SSD will not work.

And for the M.2 lengths supported, please refer to the DL20 Gen10 User guide , M.2 SSD system board connectors section.

It should support 2242, 2280, 22110.

If you want to use M.2 SATA SSD, you would need a "M.2 SATA SSD expansion board" also metioned in the User guide.

Hope this helps.

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Re: HP DL20 Gen10 Supported M2 Hardware

I have the same question.

WIll a "SAMSUNG 860 EVO Series M.2 2280 250GB SATA III 3D NAND Internal Solid State Drive (SSD) MZ-N6E250BW" work in the board mounted slot of a ProLiant DL20 Gen 10?

Or must it be an HPE brand M.2?


Re: HP DL20 Gen10 Supported M2 Hardware

Only the HPE drives are tested, so we can't tell you for certain if other drives will work properly or not. I will say the odds are lower because that's a consumer grade drive that's not designed to be used in a server. If it does work you may also experience high fan speeds because the server may not be able to read the proper temperature sensors of the drive.

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Re: HP DL20 Gen10 Supported M2 Hardware

The DL20 Gen10 motherboard M.2 slot is support  NVME m.2 SSD driver. and also you need install HPE logo SSD model. or your chassis fans will go up 45% speed and make alot noise.

I install HPE VS000960KWDUQ,960G NVMe 22110, it work fine with DL20 G10, but price like double retail verison 960G nvme SSD card.

Also your could install two SATA M.2 to PCIE slot, Hpe have the option card for it . need connect sata cable to motherboard sata port. PCIE only for power the card.