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HP DL320 Gen8 Server Hang

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HP DL320 Gen8 Server Hang

Good day with everyone.

I have an HP ProLiant DL320e Gen8 Server that crashes every 72 hours, that is, the Network Administrator must go to the Rack, disconnect the power and turn the Server back on again.

The Server does not present alert on hard disks and power supplies.

Please, I have the help in how to make the diagnosis, causes of the failure and solution.

Thank you.


Re: HP DL320 Gen8 Server Hang


It is not clear what exactly you meant by a server crash, the following points may help you to isolate and resolve the issue.

1)If server getting hung/freeze then try updating latest BIOS and firmware level on the server and change the below         settings in BIOS and monitor

 Make sure below settings are done in BIOS

.A)Reboot the server.

  1. b) Press F9 when prompted to enter the ROM-Based Setup Utility (RBSU) menu.
  2. c) Select "Power Management Options."
  3. d) Select "HP Power Profile."
  4. e) Select "Maximum Performance."
  5. f) Go back and select "Advance Power Management Options"
  6. g) Select "Minimum Processor Idle Power State"
  7. h) Select "No C-States"
  8. i) Save and exit RBSU.

2)If server rebooting exactly in 72 hours,  Check whether any schedule reboot is set on the server/OS

3)If not scheduled, and the server is rebooting then check the error logged in IML(integrated management log) in ILO console to see any event logged when it is crashing.

4)If the server gets shut down completely, then check with power input or any UPS connected to it working properly.

5)If everything looks good then maybe an issue with Power supply or system board, So check for the IML log and contact HPE support line for further assistance to isolate the issue.


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