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HP DL320 Raid


HP DL320 Raid

I have an HP Dl320 G5 with the built in Intel raid controler, By default this is turned off in the bios.



We had this server running with a Raid 1 on it, Then we had a motherboard fail, HP came in and reaplced it and server has been working fine ever since. Today I logged in because I  wanted to look at some partiton info, I noticed a second hard drive was there with the exact same partitions as the Main drive, Ok thats wierd, So I checked the ACU no controller dected.


Ok rebooted the server figured I would be able to see the raid config in the POST, Nothing.


Then I find an article from HP that the raid is off by default, Ok login to setup by pressing F9 on boot up find the setting and set it to enable and get that nice warning that it will erase the drives. Damnit.


Is there any way to get my Raid back without nuking the OS, I dont believe I can but hope I am wrong.




Re: HP DL320 Raid

anyone? I really need to get this going?


I was thinking if i removed the good drive from the server and put in two blanks and then built the raid would I be able then to remove the drive from slot 1 and replace it with the data drive would it rebuild the raid on the fly then?

Re: HP DL320 Raid

Bump anyone got anymore ideas on this?

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Re: HP DL320 Raid

Check if this guide helps you 

guide for Intel 82801GR that is on DL320 G5

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