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HP DL320e

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HP DL320e

hi, I bought the dle320e hp server from an online store .. but it is normal that it is sold without even a caddy?
The second problem is this.
I can use the generic SATA disks in this server?
I possess over the generic sata, this hard disk:
/ VB0250EAVER-HP-250GB-SATA-Drive/dp/B009EV7NU6

is compatible with my server?

thanks :)


p.s sorry for my bad english :(

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Re: HP DL320e


Depending on which controller is installed in your server you can find out which drives are supported.
For example if you have a p222 configurations you can refer to :


Then you go to page 8 and see all the drives supported by that controller. 

For the B120 it wasn't in the quickspecs but seeing the ml310e has the same controller you could check here and look at the sata drives:



From what i could find though this drive on amazon is not supported, so I can't say for sure if it is compatible.


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Jimmy Vance

Re: HP DL320e

Normally the servers ship with one open slot and blanking panels in the remainder of the drive bays. The drives and pluggable drive caddies are shipped together as a single unit.

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Re: HP DL320e

You can find the Gen8 drive trays on ebay and several big online retailers.


Regular SATA drives should work fine.