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HP DL360 G4 Raid Dilemma

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HP DL360 G4 Raid Dilemma



We have a domain controller on Windows 2003 R2 installed on a DL360 G4. This server has two drives but for some reason the install was done on only one of the drives leaving the other one unassigned. Is it possible to add the unassigned drive to the array and change it from raid 0 to raid1? I have looked in the array configuration util, but am not sure if the expand option is the way to go. Ideally I don't want to lose any data!


Thanks for any help

Johan Guldmyr
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Re: HP DL360 G4 Raid Dilemma


I believe it's called expansion or expanding an array/logical drive. You can find more details in the ACU user guide for details how to move from a RAID0 to a RAID1.

It takes about 15minutes per GB.
The drive you want to add must be exactly the same or larger than the existing drive. If you add a larger you cannot use the extra space.