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HP DL360 G5 SAS Indicators acting strangely

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HP DL360 G5 SAS Indicators acting strangely



I need some help please. I have this concern about my server SAS drives. Slot 3 and 4 have both disks with the fault light on Amber. According to the documentation, that indicates an error when the Online is off, but if I take the drives out and swap in new ones they go Amber as well. If I take one of the known working and switch their positions I get the same thing.  I thought at first they must be on standby but there is no documenation to support that, so I must assume at this point that there is a problem with the backplane. I was wondering if anyone else has ever encountered this issue? It's an older server DL360 G5. 


Oddly enough... I have the drives configured Raid1+0 and if I remove one of the Green (online) lit from either slot 1 or 2 ... the array doesn't collapse on me, and when I reseat the drive that was in either 3 or 4 into 1 or 2 it rebuilds as intended, and the drive goes Online with no fault. 


Re: HP DL360 G5 SAS Indicators acting strangely


The issue you have described is described in this Service Advisory (link below), but the symptoms are on Power On, not sure if this happens with the server in question, but it is worth a try to check and update the firmware if it is behind -


It will be more helpful if you can advise the Smart Array Controller / Firmware and Hard Disk Model and Firmware.

Also running some diagnostics like Array Diagnostic Utility (ADU) will be able to shed more light on the drives / Controller.


If ADU is not installed it can be downloaded & installed on the server.

Windows version of ADU, if non windows version is needed, it is on the hp website as well.

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