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HP DL360 G5: Will not pass the POST

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HP DL360 G5: Will not pass the POST

I have a DL360 G5 that I building in a LAB for a Proof of Concept project.

This elderly DL360 at some point in the past was haversted for some RAM and maybe a CPU.

I have some RAM, two 4gig sticks of 4GB, PC2-5300, DDR2-667, 2Rx4, 1.8V, ECC that I installed in slots 1A and 3A.

The second processor socket is empty, with no proctective cover.

That concerns me.  Should there be some sort of device in this socket other than the protective dust cover?


The Server when turned on will power up, all the fans will go to full speed, the internal and external health LED are green.

NIC 1 is blinking green.

The UID is activated as indicated by the blue LED.

No lights on the two 72gig SAS drives.

No video, blank monitor, no BIOS splash screen, nothing.

The unit just sits on the table, makes a loud noise and does nothing else.


I have tried booting with the drives installed...same result.


I am asking the community here for suggestions as what to try next?

Your comments, suggestions, opinons and flames are welcome.


Bryan Smith

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Re: HP DL360 G5: Will not pass the POST


I was able to login to the iLO2 interface.

The System Status, System Information, System Health shows no power supplies installed, even after running for a few minutes.


Next, it reports an incorrect memory configuration.

In reality, I have 1A and 3A populated with matching 4gig sticks, but this what it thinks it has:


Memory Status

DIMM 1A :  512 MB 667 MHz

DIMM 2C : 1024 MB 667 MHz

DIMM 3A :  512 MB 667 MHz

DIMM 4C : 1024 MB 667 MHz

DIMM 5B : 1024 MB 667 MHz

DIMM 6D : not installed

DIMM 7B : 1024 MB 667 MHz

DIMM 8D : not installed



Fans are turning at full speed, but iLO2  reports:


Embedded Health Status

              Location           Status  Speed  

Fan Block 1:  Power Supply Zone  Ok      0%

Fan Block 2:  CPU 2              Ok      0%
Fan Block 3:  CPU 1              Ok      0%    

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Re: HP DL360 G5: Will not pass the POST

I have the same problem - my DL360 G5 make lot of noice and nothing else. How I cal login to ILO2 interface? I have default DNS name, user name and password, but I can't see login page in browser.

Jan Soska
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Re: HP DL360 G5: Will not pass the POST


please be aware you can not play with ram as you want.

Here is quickspecs for your server, check memory part. There are strict rules how and when it will work. Please check.


best regards