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[HP DL360 G6] Weird LEDs activity

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[HP DL360 G6] Weird LEDs activity



I got this DL360 G6 at home (preparing it so i can send it for collocation) and i keep it on various tests for some time. It has all the latest firmware on all components , including the latest bios 2013.07.02 and ilo 2.15.


Last night , while sitting in bed at tv , i noticed the blue UID started to become active. As far as my knowledge go , i though this should only happen when someone turn's the UID led on/off from ilo portal or if someone uses the remote console from ilo (but none is the case now).  I tried to check the ilo logs and iml and there are no indication of any fail or activity. I even tried to disconnect the network ports (including ilo) from the server , but the same behavior continues. Note that the server is powered down when this happens (only connected to power , ilo port and 1 ethernet port) , and while the server is powered on no such problem happens.


Link to a small video that i recorded when this happens (couldn't attach it to this message as it doesn't allow file type):

WP_20130827_224214Z.mp4  (hosted on mediafire)


Anyone has any idea if this looks like normal behavior ? Or any ideas at all what could this mean ? I'm asking because I'd like to have knowledge about this before risking to send it on a data-center at a far location , so i wont end up with surprises later....


Thank you in advance !

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Re: [HP DL360 G6] Weird LEDs activity

I still haven't managed to find any additional details on this issue. Anyone ?