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HP DL360 G7 and RAID building

Hetz Ben Hamo
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HP DL360 G7 and RAID building


I have few HP DL360 G7 servers. All of them are running VMWare ESXi and all of them have 2 500GB disks in RAID-1 configurations. All are in production.


I need to add 2 more drives and build RAID-1 to each machine without shutting them down. 
Is it possible? if so, could you provide a link how can this be done? (either through a local Windows or Linux machine). This is an ESXi so it doesn't have full Linux on host machine..


One more question: I lost my iLO passwords. What is the default user/pass and how can I reset those passwords without opening those servers (they are hundreds of miles away and I cannot access them physically at the moment)


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Re: HP DL360 G7 and RAID building



Answer for both query it is not possible:


1) Adding RADI-1 Array without shutting down the server is not possible you need to take a downtime create the array and bring up the server, later create the datastore


2)Only option to recover the ilo password in case it is not changed from default password is to open the server and disbale the 'ilo security override switch' find the switch location in the below url:



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Re: HP DL360 G7 and RAID building

Im not sure if the following change is possible with an esx host but this may help: