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HP DL360 - P212 upgrade to P411 controller... Gulp

Occasional Collector

HP DL360 - P212 upgrade to P411 controller... Gulp

Hi Guys,


have a DL360 server with a P212 and a p411 installed. The p411 is already being used to link to a MSA and the P212 is linked to a D2600 Array. (this all done before my arrival).  The P212 only has one connection and am planning to upgrade it to a P411, to go with the huge increase in data storage, planned, (8tb to 25tb).


I'm guessing this is not going to be a hot swap operation, (how ever much I wish it could be) but how close can i get to this. 


For the sake of this conversation lets assume there is a full backup in place (because there will be).


In planning to do this, I was wanting to know how risky this is and what's possibably is the best way of doing it.  From my reading so far, it looks like the Array hold it configuration on the disk, so if in the event of a RAID controller failure, the RIAD card can be replaced and aviod data loss.  Is this something that can be relied apon when doing an upgrde of the card?  


The last things I want to do is a complete rebuild of the RAID (gulp), and data restore.


Any help and pointers, warmly welcomed.








Re: HP DL360 - P212 upgrade to P411 controller... Gulp

If done this before in an emergency, but never on purpose! 


When you go into the Array bios on first boot with a new card, it will give you the option to import the array configuration.  It SHOULD be pretty painless.  But I'd really consider all options before using this as a plan.  It is really designed for a same card replacement, though. There is a chance the 212 and the 411 hold array information differenty and it won't work.   If it imports incorrectly it could hose the whole array.   At the very minimum, if you can find some spare hardware to test, I would. 


You mention a huge capacity increase.  So does that mean you will be getting more disk or a new Array?  If so, I would probably install the new card with the new array, leave the 8TB on the 212 and migrate the data.  


Just another thought.  Which MSA do you have?  The D2600 can be used as a shelf in some of the newer MSA units.  That might be the better way to go about it while you are reconfiguring.  


Jimmy Vance

Re: HP DL360 - P212 upgrade to P411 controller... Gulp

There should be no issue upgrading from the P212 to the P411. As you stated all the RAID information is contained within the RIS area of each disk. The P411 will see the RAID configuration and continue

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