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HP DL360 wont Boot. PCI Riser Interlock Fail

Ian Huynh
Occasional Contributor

HP DL360 wont Boot. PCI Riser Interlock Fail


Has anyone ever come across this issue before.
Server will not POST, showing RED light on the system LED's on the front panel. Opening up the case, i can see an amber light on the PCI Riser Interlock Fail. I think it is either CR12 or CR13. I have reseated the riser card which hasn't resolved the issue. I have also switched the riser card with another server and still the same issue. I have tried looking for additional information online for this particular error, but haven't been able to. Any ideas?

David Putman
Occasional Visitor

Re: HP DL360 wont Boot. PCI Riser Interlock Fail

Ian, I just had this same issue with 1 of the 3 DL360 G5 servers I am using for a classroom. I removed and reseated the riser and it corrected my error, but the strange thing is, I never removed it prior to getting the internal health LED and the system not booting.

I am suprised that no one from HP has responded to this.

Did you ever get this one fixed? I'm new to HP servers and with the numerous "mystery problems" we've had with the 3 I have in my classroom, I am leary of purchasing more.
Michael Denkinger
Occasional Contributor

Re: HP DL360 wont Boot. PCI Riser Interlock Fail

We had a bunch of DL360 (G5?)servers come in and were racked with power cables hooked up. They sat in this state for a month or so and upon their intial startup, we received this error on two boxes. The PCI risers were replaced under warranty and the boxes have continued to function ever since.

I can only theorize that the power supplies were generating heat and not being cooled because the fans weren't working. Long story short: unplug the box until you're ready to use it.
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