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HP DL360p Gen8 not working when second CPU installed

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HP DL360p Gen8 not working when second CPU installed

Hello everyone.

Server DL360p Gen8 was upgraded with memory, 2 x PSU and 2 x E5-2620v2 more than year ago.

One day, maybe month ago, server stopped working and internal health diode blinks rapidly (maybe 3-4 times per second). iLO not responding and server cannot be turned on. 

After swapping CPU's, discover that CPU 2 not working. OK, I have to purchase another one. CPU arrives, put it in the server aaaaannnnnd BAM - server not working

With both cpu's installed, after pressing power button, power button diode lights green for few seconds, fans turns on for few seconds, and aftter that server halted with rapidly blinking internal health diode.

Try to update system firmware, I see there is 2019 version release. Update it, iLO also.

Now I can log in with iLO, but 'system health is OK' and in CPU tab there is only one CPU.

Regarding to troubleshooting guide, when internal health diode:

Flashing red = System health is critical.
Fast flashing red = Power fault (Check system and devices)..

With one cpu, installed in first socket server boots and operates normaly.

Does anyone encountered such a problem or any advice how to continue with troubleshooting or I need to replace system board ..(or server)? Thanks in advance.


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Re: HP DL360p Gen8 not working when second CPU installed


As per the description shared, requesting you to log a case with HPE support and get the systemboard replaced. 

This seems to be an issue with the faulty CPU slot 2. 


Shruthi (HPE Employee)

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