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HP DL370 G6 Overheated SATA Drives

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Vladimir S.
Occasional Advisor

Re: HP DL370 G6 Overheated SATA Drives

I know, as I have exact same issue on my server... but nothing that can be done, either to take out some of the fans, or put potentiometer on fans to tune it down manually...

But it would not get much work to fix it in Bios for developers.. just put two options in to control if it should read temperature from HDD and second to set manually speed for fans.. but HP will not do it :-/
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Re: HP DL370 G6 Overheated SATA Drives

Sure !
Michael A. McKenney
Respected Contributor

Re: HP DL370 G6 Overheated SATA Drives

The issue could be the enclosure backplane from non-HP components is not communicating with the server properly. The firmware on the drives and controller backplane could be causing the misreading. The enclosure backplane does a lot more than just setting IDs.

I had Supermicro SCSI SCA enclosures at home. They worked perfectly for 3 years. One day, all the drives started to fail in cascade. LSI Logic checked the controller and replaced it. I replaced the backplane PCB boards. I never was able to get it working properly again. Something in the backplane did not like the firmware on the controller. I ended up removing the enclosures and upgrading to SAS RAID.

HP is not fairly priced. However, if you want a server to function properly and be supported, you use HP parts. You don't get Seagate drives, you use HP drives. I have one server running Axiom HP memory. Memory does not have firmware. Hard drives, controllers, and cards use only HP. The problem is most like the communication with the backplane in the non-HP enclosure.

HP does neuter their hardware. I have an LSI Logic SCSI controller and an identical HP SCSI controller. Same PCB layout. The difference is the firmware and BIOS. LSI Logic full feature set and HP has two features.
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Re: HP DL370 G6 Overheated SATA Drives

I think (for me) backplane doesn't do anything in more.

Only firmware could explain this.

Firmware must be tagged "HP" or it won work . . .
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Re: HP DL370 G6 Overheated SATA Drives

Drives that have had no problem on P410/i in either dl360 g6 or dl380 g7 are

Western Digital VelociRaptor WD6000BLHX 600 GB
Hitachi Travelstar 7K500 160GB

However the same machines have the overheat issue with WD scorpio black 750gb
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Re: HP DL370 G6 Overheated SATA Drives

No one firmware resolved issue yet ?
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Re: HP DL370 G6 Overheated SATA Drives

I have 3 hp dl380 servers - a G5, a G6, and a G7, each with 8 of the Seagate ST9500420AS drives mentioned, and all running vmware ESXi 4.1. All three have always reported an overheated condition on POST, although due to the different iLO versions (version 1 for the G5, version 2 for the G6, and version 3 on the new G7), the two older machines have always coped with the issue, albeit with the fans running at excessive levels as noted on this thread.


The G7, however, has been a different story. We got the machine last fall, and have periodically experienced exactly the same thing mentioned by the original poster - vmware virtual machines would suddenly stop responding (although the machine itself would still be accessible, probably because I was running vmware off an SD card).


After I found this thread, I did a little digging on the Seagate drive and found this:

Basically, Seagate puts it's own proprietary information into the S.M.A.R.T. values on it's drives, causing them to be misinterpreted by third party tools (ie HP System Health Monitor).


Then I found this:

Which links to a firmware for this drive provided by Dell. The flash utility by default doesn't want to flash the generic drives because it doesn't recognize them as Dell drives, but there is a workaround explained in the post.


At any rate, I had the G7 server down already because of this problem, so I figured I'd give it a try. I flashed all 8 of it's drives, and booted it back up. iLO now reports a storage status of "Not Installed" rather than 63 degrees. The fans are running nice and quiet, as would be expected. If all goes well, I think I'll flash all the rest of the drives for good measure.



Louis Henninger_1
Regular Advisor

Re: HP DL370 G6 Overheated SATA Drives

I don't normally respond to this kind of "HP Bashing", but why would anyone think that any vendor (HP, Dell, IBM, etc.) have to provide fixes for a customer who chooses not to buy options/disks/NICs/ whatever for use in their servers. No vendor suggests, implies, or otherwise states their server is fully compatible with ALL OEM/third-party vendors hardware in the market today. The only thing HP has control of is their marketed options. If those have a problem I would expect HP to make it right. Dell doesn't support non-Dell options anymore than IBM will support non-IBM options. Why would anyone think otherwise?   I think you still get what you pay for... Cheaper disks will not save you money in the long run.





Occasional Advisor

Re: HP DL370 G6 Overheated SATA Drives

Running across this thread gave me a bit of a scare as i have 3 new Seagate SATA 500GB HDDs i was intending to set up as a second RAID5 LV.  Drives are enterpise-class Constellation.2 ST9500620NS.  Loaded one up today in a spare slot on a DL360 G6 and checked fans via IPMI and drive temp readings via hpacucli. All good and as quiet as before i installed the drive.  I believe the moral of the story is: "Don't use desktop (ie: AS-series) HDDs in a server" - not only for sake of compatibility but also disk lifespan.




      physicaldrive 1I:1:4
         Port: 1I
         Box: 1
         Bay: 4
         Status: OK
         Drive Type: Data Drive
         Interface Type: SATA
         Size: 500 GB
         Firmware Revision: SN01
         Serial Number:             9XF06JJS
         Model: ATA     ST9500620NS
         SATA NCQ Capable: True
         SATA NCQ Enabled: True
         Current Temperature (C): 30
         Maximum Temperature (C): 52
         PHY Count: 1
         PHY Transfer Rate: 3.0GBPS

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Re: HP DL370 G6 Overheated SATA Drives

So after about 2 years of discussion,, is there a way around this?


I have a ML350 G6 and I have just put 2 NON HP drives in it, and yes it sounds like it wants to take off


Fans are far too fast and noisy!


Is there a way to resolve this and slow the fans down?