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HP DL370 G6 - UPGRADE CPU or Motherboard?

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HP DL370 G6 - UPGRADE CPU or Motherboard?

I am looking to purchase a HPDL370 G6 from a friend (used). It currently has 2 x Xeon W5580 Quad core CPU @ 3.20 ghz.

It will be used as:


1. NAS server

2. Plex transcoder

3. General use


Question is:


1. the CPU are a bit outdated - may I replace it with a newer CPU ? Like a I5/I7 or new Xeon E3 or E5/E7?


if above is not possible:


2. may I replace the motherboard with another ATX motherboard and then get new CPUs when I decide?


Also, I want to get rid of the SAS drives and put in SATA. How expensive are the enclosures/backpanes to replace? I already have the drives.


Are the machines loud? I prefer not having something making lot of fan noise. Also, I'm looking to see that machine is not going to draw a lot of power while being idle.


Re: HP DL370 G6 - UPGRADE CPU or Motherboard?



For upgrading processor and or other hardware like hard drives and backplanes, do refer to the QuickSpecs.


If you want to replace the system board, then you may have to replace the power supply unit as well.


Drive cage kits as per QuickSpecs:

507803-B21 = HP ML350/370 G6 8 Small Form Factor (SFF) 2nd Drive Cage Kit
507810-B21 = HP ML/DL370G6 6 Large Form Factor Backplane Kit


Are the machines loud??

It depends on the configuration or load and ambient temperature.



Instead I would buy a new server with necessary configuration that I need.


Thank You!
I am a HP employee
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