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HP DL380 G3 no video no post

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HP DL380 G3 no video no post

No video, no post, drives all spin up. This occurred after extended power outage. All green LED's on board and front panel.


I have a few questions:


If I clear the NVRAM, will I lose my RAID arrays (1 RAID1, 1 RAID5)?


If that does not work, I have another DL380 G3 on shelf, how can I move the physical drives without losing the RAID arrays? Other than the hard drives, what do I need to swap on the system boards?



Jimmy Vance

Re: HP DL380 G3 no video no post

Clearing NVRAM with switch 6 does not erase the array. You can always pop the drives loose while doing this if you want.


The RAID information is stored on each disk in the array, a couple of things to keep in mind if you move the drives to a new server


         On the older servers you need to place the drives in the same drive bay. I can't recall what model revision where the controllers will recognise the drive has moved position and adjust accordingly


         It is a good idea to update the firmware on the replacement system to at least match the system it is replacing. If the defective unit has newer array controller firmware, the rplacement system may not see the drives.


The only thing you need to move to the new system are the drives






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Re: HP DL380 G3 no video no post

I moved the drives, in order, to another DL380 G3 that is equal in spec. Powered on, everything works.

I would still like to troubleshoot out the failed server to see if I can get it back operational as a spare. I have reset the NVRAM with the same result.