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HP DL380 G4 Installing BBWC

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HP DL380 G4 Installing BBWC

I brouth BBWC for my HP DL380 G4 on the manual Hardware option installation, "Battery-Backed write cash option" on intem 6-Connect the cable to the cach module and install the cache module. I could find any cable on the BBWC kit.
On HP ProLiant DL380 G4 - Spare Part Numbers
I found this parts:
41 -Battery-Backed Write Cache battery pack*-274779-001 - 307132-001
42 -Battery-Backed Write Cache battery bracket with cable* -335771-001 - 349989-001

a)What is the diferent between them?
b)Where can I found the part number for the cable?
c)Even if I get the cable where to plug on the board.

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Re: HP DL380 G4 Installing BBWC

The BBWC option kit should contain:
- a small circuit board (the cache module)
- a battery pack (a rounded battery in a rectangular bracket)
- a 3-wire cable for connecting the two together.

At least for us here, the proper BBWC kit has these parts already connected together.

The cable is partly wound within the bracket, around the battery. For installing into DL380 G4, one should unwind exactly half a turn of the cable before installing the kit, so that the cable can be routed smoothly. You must remove the 6-fan bracket in the middle of the server to route the cable properly: the extra half a turn of cable ensures you don't need to remove the fan bracket a second time if you ever need to swap the battery.

The battery bracket goes into the small slot towards the front of the server, near the power switch. In the bottom of the slot, there should be two bent metal "fingers" to hold the edge of the battery bracket, so the bracket cannot move backwards inside the server, into the right-most fan.

(For installation to some other server models, the amount of cable to unwind may be different.)

a) Part 307132-001 seems to be just the battery without the bracket and the cable. It's the right thing to have when the old battery has gone bad and you need to replace it.
Part 349989-001 is just the bracket and the cable.

b) The cable may not be orderable separately, only with the battery bracket (but without the battery) as part 349989-001.

(I looked up these part numbers from )

c) In the corner of the circuit board (if I recall correctly, it's on the underside of the board when installed), there is a small connector with a white plastic guide. That's the battery connector.