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HP DL380 G5 Hard Drive Swap

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HP DL380 G5 Hard Drive Swap



I am trying to replace 72G drives in my HP DL380 G5 with 146G drives. The server has a P400/256 HP Smart Array (v4.06) configured as 1 logical drive, RAID 5. 20G memory.


I was able to replace 5 of the drives in bay 1-5, one by one, but now on bay 6-8 I get the following error:

1789 – slot 1 drive array disk not responding

Check cable or replace the following:

Port 1I: Box 1 Bay 6

Select F1 to continue  - all logical drive (s) will remain disabled

Select F2 to fail drive (s) that are not responding  - Interim recovery mode will be enabled if configured for fault tolerance


This is the current drive set up: (All SAS drives)


Bay 1 - 1 Port 10K – 146G

Bay 2 – Dual Port 10K – 146G

Bay 3 – Dual Port 10K – 146G

Bay 4 – 1 Port 10K – 146G

Bay 5 – 1 Port 10K – 146G

Bay 6 – 10K – 72G - (1789 error with some drives, same for bay 7-8)

Bay 7 – 10K - 72G

Bay 8 – 10K – 72G


I have tried several 146G drives and I get the same error. I don't think the drives are bad, but for some reason some drives work and other do not. Once I know that the server recognizes the drives I plan to expand the arry or delete the logical drive and recreate a new one with the added drive space.


Any ideas on the 1789 error?



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