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HP DL380 G5

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HP DL380 G5

Hi, All!

I have HP DL380 G5.
I can not say with 100% certainty that it is working. It was a long time without the CPU.
Found him processor Intel Xeon E5450, VRM, a heat sink.
One memory module installed.

Power is turned on, but there is no picture :-(
Insight Display does not show anything (no orange or red lights).

Is it possible that the DL380 G5 does not support CPU Xeon E5450?

P.S.: The board is 013096-001


James Kennedy_5
Regular Advisor

Re: HP DL380 G5

E5450 is supported on DL380 G5 according to the HP Product Guide.  Many times if you get power on, no display, no warning lights, it usually means either bad cpu or motherboard.  More than likely the board is bad, as CPU failure is extreamely rare.

Check to make sure there's no bent pins on the board/cpu, and of course make sure it's in CPU slot 1.