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HP DL380 G7 ILO3 get processor and memory status from xml

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HP DL380 G7 ILO3 get processor and memory status from xml



I want to check the ILO health status of the Memory and Cpu components.


I use a perl script with package Net::ILO version 0.54;

In the ILO I see in : System information the tabs Fans, Temperatures, Power, Processors, Memory, NIC Information and Drives.

In the Subsystems and Devices I see : Fans, Temperatures, Power Supplies, Drives , Fan Redundancy and Power Supply Redundancy with there status.


I use a script to parse this xml information.

This works fine for the mentioned Subsystems and Devices.

I cannot see/get the status from Memory and Processor.

I can read for Memory the Dimms speed and slot.

Using the following : my $ramslots = $ilo->ramslots;

foreach my $slot ( @$ramslots) {  

my $location = $slot->{location};   my $size = $slot->{size};   my $speed = $slot->{speed} if defined $slot->{speed};

For example I get now : PROC 1 DIMM 4H'=not installed or PROC 1 DIMM 5E'=16384 MB : 1333 MHz


For the cpu I can get the Processor Speed and Execution Technology.

my $cpus = $ilo->cpus;

foreach my $cpu ( @$cpus) {  

my $name = $cpu->{name};   my $speed = $cpu->{speed};   my $cores = $cpu->{cores};

For example I get now : Proc 1'=2800 MHz 6 of 6 cores; 12 threads.


Now I want to know how I can detect if the cpu or memory is degraded ?

What will be the values if the CPU or memory are degraded ?

I want to know what the following values will become:

- for the memory check when its degraded for    my $size = $slot->{size};

- for the cpu check when its degraged for       my $speed = $cpu->{speed};


I want to know how I can detect if a CPU or memory DIMM has the status NOT ok !


kind regards,

Peter te Focht