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HP DL380 G7

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HP DL380 G7

I have a DL380 G7 server which we are reusing for backups.

I recently took a working Ultra 320 ISCI card PCI X from a server we are decomissioning and decided to add it to it so we could hook up an autoloader drive.

Put it in via a PCI-X slot and the server refuses to boot, any ideas??

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Re: HP DL380 G7

The quickspec is showing a single supported SCSI card, but it is PCIe:

HP SC11Xe Ultra320 Single Channel/ PCIe x4 SCSI Host Bus Adapter

You have this special PCI-X/PCIe riser card in the server?

What is the exact model of the SCSI controller?


Hope this helps!

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Re: HP DL380 G7

Yea I saw that not long ago about only being a single channel on the compat list. Not a special riser just the one from the optional list which weve had for a while.

I haven't got the number of the card on me as i have put it back in the old server and ran it back up. I have however decided to order that SCSI card just to resolve any compatability issues.