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HP DL380 G8 Nvidia GRID not showing up


HP DL380 G8 Nvidia GRID not showing up


i am currently trying to deploy 3x Nvidia GRID K1 and 1x Nvidia GRID K2 in 4 of my DL380 G8 Servers.
For the deployment i ordered the following parts besides already owning the Servers with Dual V2 CPUs and 1200W PSUs:

3x 710727-001 ( Secondary Double Wide GPU Riser Cage)

3x 670728-001 ( GPU Y-Power Cable ) 10pin -> 8pin + 6pin

I have put 2x K1 and 1x K2 in the riser and attached the cable. After Installing the riser into the server i started it and the Riser card LED showed up as green as well. In neither BIOS or Standard Debian Live the cards are showing up. I tried all 3 riser.. No Luck.

For the sake of comfirming that the cards are fine i tried them in my workstation and they showed up from second 1 in my Device Manager on Windows. For eliminating the Riser having issues, i installed an H241 HBA into it and it got recognized as well without issues.

I would really appreciate any help to get those cards working in my Servers.



Re: HP DL380 G8 Nvidia GRID not showing up

No one any hints? :( 

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Re: HP DL380 G8 Nvidia GRID not showing up


Are all the requirements set forth in the QuickSpecs ?

HP DL380p Gen8 Double Wide Graphic Processing Unit Drive Cage Kit

NOTE: Two 1200W Power supply kits and 2 processors are required for this riser

NOTE: The double wide riser cage kit is not supported in the 8LFF, 12LFF and 25SFF Configuration Servers.

HP NVIDIA GRID K1 Quad GPU PCIe Graphics Accelerator    J0G94A,  NVIDIA GRID K2 Reverse Air Flow Dual GPU PCIe Graphics Accelerator  753958-B21 

NOTE: This is supported with the Intel, E5-2600v2 processor series only.

NOTE: This card only runs at PCIeGen2 speeds.

NOTE: This is supported in the 728543-B21 riser in the secondary position (second processor required) or in the 752803-B21, primary position. Maximum 2 supported with both risers, support for 2 cards requires the 1200W PS to be selected.


What server configuration You have?