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HP DL380 G8 Nvidia GRID not showing up


HP DL380 G8 Nvidia GRID not showing up


i am currently trying to deploy 3x Nvidia GRID K1 and 1x Nvidia GRID K2 in 4 of my DL380 G8 Servers.
For the deployment i ordered the following parts besides already owning the Servers with Dual V2 CPUs and 1200W PSUs:

3x 710727-001 ( Secondary Double Wide GPU Riser Cage)

3x 670728-001 ( GPU Y-Power Cable ) 10pin -> 8pin + 6pin

I have put 2x K1 and 1x K2 in the riser and attached the cable. After Installing the riser into the server i started it and the Riser card LED showed up as green as well. In neither BIOS or Standard Debian Live the cards are showing up. I tried all 3 riser.. No Luck.

For the sake of comfirming that the cards are fine i tried them in my workstation and they showed up from second 1 in my Device Manager on Windows. For eliminating the Riser having issues, i installed an H241 HBA into it and it got recognized as well without issues.

I would really appreciate any help to get those cards working in my Servers.



Re: HP DL380 G8 Nvidia GRID not showing up

No one any hints? :(