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HP DL380 G9 + Nvidia 1080 GTX Ti ?

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HP DL380 G9 + Nvidia 1080 GTX Ti ?

 Can any  Nvidia  1080 GTX Ti ( 11GB) be installed on HP DL380 G9 ?


If not.   Is any other Deep Learning accerlating card  recommended?


Re: HP DL380 G9 + Nvidia 1080 GTX Ti ?


Cannot see that the specified card is a qualified option by HPE.

You might want to check this out and see if any other cards can be used to suit your requirement.s

From the above link here are the Nvidia cards with the option part numbers 

HP NVIDIA GRID K1 Quad GPU PCIe Graphics Accelerator   -- J0G94A
NVIDIA Tesla K40C 12GB Computational Accelerator  -- 753960-B21
HP NVIDIA Tesla K80 Dual GPU PCIe Computational Accelerator  -- J0G95A
HP NVIDIA Quadro K2200 Graphics Accelerator  -- J0G89A
NVIDIA Quadro K6000 PCI-E Graphics Adapter  -- 730874-B21
HPE NVIDIA Tesla M4 4GB Computational Accelerator  -- P9U90A
HPE NVIDIA Tesla M40 24GB Computational Accelerator  -- P8Y46A
HPE NVIDIA Tesla M60 Reverse Air Flow Dual GPU PCIe Graphics Accelerator  -- M3X67A
HPE NVIDIA Quadro M2000 Graphics Accelerator  -- P8Y48A
HPE NVIDIA Quadro M4000 Graphics Accelerator  -- M9X58A
HP NVIDIA Quadro M5000 Graphics Accelerator  -- M9R60A
HP NVIDIA Quadro M6000 Graphics Accelerator  -- J0G92A
HPE NVIDIA Quadro M6000 24GB Graphics Accelerator  -- P8Y47A




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