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HP DL380 G9 Power Supply 3

New Member

HP DL380 G9 Power Supply 3


we use a DL380 G9 as ESXi Host. Now my VM vSphere Client tells me, that my Power Supply3 Redundancy lost.

I attached an Image, so maybe somebody can imagine something. The DL380 G9 only have two Power Supplies.

Can someboy Help me please? :)

Greetings from Germany!

Occasional Advisor

Re: HP DL380 G9 Power Supply 3


I'm getting this same error on a ProLiant DL380p Gen8. This server has only one Power Supply and Vmware is showing the same error. No error on the iLO Console.

I've tried the commande "localcli hardware ipmi sel clear" on the ESXi console, the list is cleared but still the error in the vSphere console.

Did you get any solution ?