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HP DL380 G9 SAS issues

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HP DL380 G9 SAS issues

Hi Guys,

So i have received a new server with a P440ar controller card, 14 Sata disks and 2 SAS disks. The idea was to build the OS on the SAS disks however after going through the HP smart start software and deploying the OS to the SAS drives it no longer boots (it says the SAS disks had a failure, and have been detected again as they have been replaced), Now if i go back into the HP smart start software i can see the drives are disabled, If i enable them, The server will boot fine. However, I put a bit of software on the OS after which caused it to blue screen and again it disabled the drives. The 2 drives seems fine, No error lights and i had them working for a few days before i put the dodgy software on. Problem is i cant send this server out to a remote location knowing that if it has an issue its going to diable the drives.


I have installed the OS on SATA drives and it goes through the build process fine, no problems. So to me it seems like the SAS disks are having an issue but they are brand new.......Anyone got any ideas as i wouldnt expect them to be diabled? I have attached some pics. I have done things like change the slots etc.


Thanks in advance!

Jimmy Vance

Re: HP DL380 G9 SAS issues

Sounds like you may have a defective SAS drive.  Open a support ticket.

No support by private messages. Please ask the forum! Accept or KudoI work for HPE