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HP DL380 Gen 9 Temperature Sensors

New Member

HP DL380 Gen 9 Temperature Sensors

Hi everyone,

A colleague has recently built 2 of these servers with Server 2016 and they both are registering 72 degrees celcius for sensor 22 (PCI 2). 4 other similar servers in our fleet (albeit running Server 2012) do not have high temperature readings for their PCI slots. The "problem" servers are all running the latest Proliant Service Pack and appear to be running very similar versions of the HP agents to the "known good" 2012 servers.

The question is - is it normal for the temperature of a "HPE Ethernet 10Gb 2-port 562SFP+ Adapter" to be 72 degrees celcius when the card is not under any load? The servers that are OK have a slightly different card = "HP Ethernet 10Gb 2-port 530SFP+ Adapter" and they report temperatures of under 40 degrees for all PCI slots.



Re: HP DL380 Gen 9 Temperature Sensors

Hello mattleaxe,

This will required deep analysis, please open a support case on this matter.



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