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Re: HP DL380 Gen8 RAM configuration advice


HP DL380 Gen8 RAM configuration advice

Hi at all. A simple question.

I'm in the process of buying a esxi cluster made of two identical hosts. There are two resellers in competition. The configuration is identical in both quotations except for RAM configuration, same capacity (32GB each host). Each host has two CPUs and 24 DIMM sockets in total.

First reseller put in the quotation servers completely empty and all the stuff that I needed. So he quoted RAM DIMMS of 8GB each.

Second reseller quoted two hosts already with a ready-to-go configuration. Each host has already 16GB of RAM installed made of 4GB DIMM modules each. The rest of DIMMs are 8GB modules.

Now, I've read HP stuff that recommends to install dimms across RAM channels in a balanced manner. Reseller #2 obviously says that there is no problem by installing its configuration. Reseller #1 says that they never suggest RAM configuration like that one.

What would you choice basing on you experience?

Thank you


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Re: HP DL380 Gen8 RAM configuration advice

Verify/Look here:

ProLiant memory configurator


Configure both an look on the MHz (1600 vs. 1300)

That was not planned in this way.