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HP DL380 Gen9 RAID 5

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HP DL380 Gen9 RAID 5

Hi There,

For VMware esxi installation RAID5 is recommended. I have two controller in HP DL380 Gen9 server (Brand New).

In my server there are 16 SAS drives each 900 GB. Two controller P440ar which is embeded and one added P440.

During RAID configuration through SSA in intelegent provisioning, i could see only 8 drives under controller P440ar and remaining 8 drives from another bay under controller P440.

Is this a normal behaviour or each controller will show all 16 drives for array creation.

Normally how long does it take for array creation (RAID5).




Re: HP DL380 Gen9 RAID 5


1x8-SFF drive cage connected to P440ar and another 8-SFF drive cage connected to P440ar.

You can refer to Cabling instructions from page 102 onwards in this guide.

Thank You!
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Re: HP DL380 Gen9 RAID 5


It's normal that you see only 8 drives under the P440 smart array because the max internal drive for this controler is 8.

You can find the information in the quickspec

It's the same for the P440ar it's support only 8 internal drive, look the quickspec

For the creation of a Raid 5 array I don't remember how long it take.