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HP DL380 Server Shuts Down

Conrad Bel
Occasional Contributor

HP DL380 Server Shuts Down

Does anyone have a clue as to why an HP DL380 server would shut down on it's own. It's doing this about 2 times a day. We are running Terminal Service with thin clients. Every time it does this, Terminal Service has to be re-installed. I don't have the event logs on this but can get them sent to me soon.
Respected Contributor

Re: HP DL380 Server Shuts Down

Can U check Ur system power supply, memory & mother board, because most of ProLiant Server cases this three reason. BTW, U can check first SmartStart CD & diagnosis Ur system & find which H/W faulty. If U can not find out any H/W error then U finger out OS level issue.