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HP DL380

frank muise
Occasional Advisor

HP DL380

How do I find out if my boards, 400 MHz, or 533 MHz?

Re: HP DL380

You find the product number.
And search for it on part surfer.

or you could try a warrenty check.
You will find it on the left pane at itrc.
Here you will need prod. no. and Serial no.


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Andrew Gladstone
Valued Contributor

Re: HP DL380

Are you referring to the System Bus (system Board) speed, or the Memory Speed?

If you are inquiring about system boards, the only DL380 server that had multiple bus speeds was the DL380 G3. The rule is that the 2.4GHz CPU's were always 400MHz FSB, and the 3.06GHz CPU's and above were 533MHz. The only questionable CPU is the 2.8GHz - it came in both flavors, but only the 512KB cache CPU. If it is a 2.8GHz/1MB cache CPU, your FSB is certainly 533MHz.

If you are inquiring about memory bus speeds, here is the speeds per generation:
DL380 G3: 266MHz
DL380 G4: 400MHz
DL380 G5: 667MHz on the 1333MHz FSB Systems
533MHz on the 1066MHZ FSB Systems

I hope this helps!