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HP-DL380G5: How to Backup Raid configuration?

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HP-DL380G5: How to Backup Raid configuration?



I have a HP DL380G4 with 8 36GB harddisks, and because of a space problem i have to upgrade to 8 72GB harddisks.


I thought I can make a backup, than I change the harddisks, make the new Raid over all 8 Harddisks, and than I restore the backup.


This should work.


BUT in case of a failure, I have to go back to my old system, but what happens to the Raid? I have to delete it and to create it new for the new harddisk. So how can I go back? Is it possible to backup the Raid configuration on an USB-Stick???


OR maybe I have a failure in my thinking?




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Re: HP-DL380G5: How to Backup Raid configuration?

As far as I know the configuration of the raid is written in 2 places - on the raid controller and on each hard drive attached to and configured with the controller. So if you install disks in the server and those disk were previosly configured - the configuration is read by controller and in a moment you can use your newly attached already configured RAID.
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ernst limbrunner
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Re: HP-DL380G5: How to Backup Raid configuration?





start with a complete backup - just to be on the save side.


if your disks are not configured for raid 0 then you can replace the disks - one by one ONLY -


and WAIT until the rebuild has finished.


now replace the next disk .... continue with this process until all disks have been replaced.


after the last 36gb disk has been replaced and finished its rebuild go into array configuration.


select your array (use logical view) and add the now visible free space to your existing logical drive.


all raid settings will stay as before the upgrade.


the operating system will NOT automatically add the new space to the existing partition.


use server management -> disk management when using windows 2008 or 2008 r2.


we did this successfully already back in the 90s with an old smart 3200e !!!


so if you just make sure not to replace a disk before the rebuild has finished it is a very smooth upgrade process.


the backup is just for safety, if a disk fails during this process.


you chances are very high that this will NOT happen



best regards from germany