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HP DL380G5 - No Post ??

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HP DL380G5 - No Post ??

Hi Everyone, 


Thanks for looking at my post and I hope there is an answer to this ... I have a Proliant DL380 G5 that used to have a DC 3ghz processor .. I talked to HP Support and they told me it could be upgraded to a Dual Quad Core system .. So after getting the part numbers i went ahead and ordered everything, installed it and now it will not post, beep, or display anything .. 


I replaced the DC with a Matched pair Intel Xeon X5460, two vrm modules, and two new heatsinks .. so looking advice as to why it might not post now .. I have tried clearing the NVRAM with number 6 dip switch but still nothing .. 


Any advice ?? thanks .. 

Jimmy Vance

Re: HP DL380G5 - No Post ??

I hate to say this, but it is probably a bent/damaged pin on the CPU socket. Look at the socket with a magnifying glass, if you see a damaged pin you will need to replace the system board 

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