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HP DL380G5 "Disk HOT PLUG"

Cesar Bernstein
Occasional Visitor

HP DL380G5 "Disk HOT PLUG"

Exist any HP document that explain the HOT PLUG functions? I need to remove (online) one of two RAID 0+1 disk of a DL380G5 server, to replicate the OS and configuration on another HP DL380G5 server. Is possible diconnect the disk with the server online?
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Re: HP DL380G5 "Disk HOT PLUG"

It's possible to disconnect, but how are you going to replicate the information to another server?
Michal Kapalka (mikap)
Honored Contributor

Re: HP DL380G5 "Disk HOT PLUG"


if you like to clone the servers, make it offline, or use some sw for duplicating of the system ( Symantec / Acronis .... )

if you put the disks online the system wil be probably not usable in the second servers.

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Re: HP DL380G5 "Disk HOT PLUG"

From Smart Array generation 6 and onward, there's feature in the ACU to split an array in two.

But it is Offline!!

In other words, this is not possible to do on-line.