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HP DL380P Gen9 compatability


HP DL380P Gen9 compatability

Hello all,


Please can somebody advise whether or not the SAS HBA H221 (part 729552-B21) is compatable with DL380P Gen 9?


Many thanks



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Re: HP DL380P Gen9 compatability

Hi Simon,


it's not listed in the quickspecs:


So I doubt it is supported, think you'll need to go for its 12GB follow up:
HP H241 12Gb 2-ports Ext Smart Host Bus Adapter 726911-B21 


Are you trying it to connect to a certain kind of MSA? If that is the case, make sure to check SPOCK for the entire configuration:





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Re: HP DL380P Gen9 compatability



HBA H221 is compatible with DL380p Gen8 but NOT with DL380 Gen9.


HBA H240ar or H240, H241 is compatible with DL380 Gen9.



Choose a card depending on your requirement and other hardware compatibility.



Thank You!
I am a HP employee
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Re: HP DL380P Gen9 compatability

MSA2040 nightmare. 


I am also in the process of trying, repeat, trying in vain to purchase an MSA2040 with SAS (H241 HBA), to be used with DL380-G9 and VmWare.


What my suppler did was quoted me iSCSI, which I did not want. I want SAS..period. ( a week wasted because they don't listen)


I have been told that the H241 is not being sold at this time as it is not supported in the above config.

( a know bug/issue acknowledged by HP with no time-line for a fix-how wonderful is that)!! 


Meaning they will NOT sell it to me for my DL380-G9 servers. They (HP) insist on selling me H221 along with a DER so I can use it and HP supporting it in this configuration. I have also been told there will be some caveats with GIU and Mgmnt when using the H221, but "No One" can get me an answer on what caveats I would encounter.


Then the other issue, H221 is 6Gb SAS, then when ever HP fixes the H241 I will need to go and purchase these and replace them, and what, throw away the H221, wonderfull solution. Sounds like a great way to throw away money.


Over 40 days to get a quote. Still have not got the DER or a list of what these caveats are. And the fact that an advertised solution states SAS/12Gb  is NOT available and have to run at half speed.


Amazing they are able to sell any of these at all.


I started this on Sept 16, I still don't have a solution from HP. It's now Oct 27/2015.


This has turned into a nightmare with HP, and non of my peers are very impressed at all. What should have taken a couple weeks is now pushing 6 weeks, and I still haven't ordered anything. Geeesh.



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Re: HP DL380P Gen9 compatability

I'm happy to see that i'm not alone in this case...

I don't know when HP Will finally release a driver or firmware version that makes work together MSA 2040 SAS an H241 whith Vsphere...



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Re: HP DL380P Gen9 compatability

Update for all who run across this thread.

It has been confirmed that SAS 6Gb or SAS 12Gb are NOT compatible with the newer Gen9's period.

So I have been informed that even tho the initial thought was to use 6gb SAS with a DER, this is not going to happen. They (HP) went back and talked to two more engineers who confirm this is NOT a good idea with or without a DER, and advise strongly against it.

The ONLY choice to use an MSA 2040 with Gen9 is either iSCSI or FC. That's it.

i am now getting FC pricing. And what is todays date? Nov 9. Started this Sept 16. The dream continues. (nightmare)