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HP DL380p G8 AHS Logs Large File Size

Occasional Advisor

HP DL380p G8 AHS Logs Large File Size

Hi, I tried downloading AHS logs from one of the HP DL380p G8 servers and I chose the date range for 1 day only but the file size was around 200+ MB. I have already raised this to one of the HP supports but they said this is because Agentless Management Service package was not installed. But, the other HP DL380p G8 servers that I tried downloading AHS logs from only has a small size and Agentless Mangement Service also was not installed. 

Have anyone encountered large AHS logs also with large file size? I have already updated the iLO firmware to 2.54 but this issue still occurs. Hope you could give me your insights/solutions on this issue.


Re: HP DL380p G8 AHS Logs Large File Size

Hello Maclaine ;

Can you explaine what is your probleme exactly whith AHS ?

If you need to read a log fil AHS,  I can help you ,because HPE have a site that we can read it ,in condition of max size of log is 250 Mo


Occasional Advisor

Re: HP DL380p G8 AHS Logs Large File Size

I was informed that HP are having issues when reading AHS logs that are 50MB+. I gave an AHS logs that is 238MB and HP said that they were not able to open the AHS logs because the file size is too big. They have also said that Agentless Management Service might help to make the file size of AHS logs smaller when it is installed in the server.

The main problem I have right now is why are the AHS logs too big even though the duration is only 1 day and also how can this be resolved since HP said that they can't open the AHS logs that have a large file size.

Jimmy Vance

Re: HP DL380p G8 AHS Logs Large File Size

Not sure what the issue is,  The largest AHS file I have laying around at the moment is 170MB and I'm pretty sure I was able to access it.  Unfortuanelty I'm not using my normal system at this time and don't have access to the correct software to verify



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