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HP DL380p G8 fans 100% & iLO lockout

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HP DL380p G8 fans 100% & iLO lockout

Hello, i've recently aquired a used DL380p G8 and have encounted some problems which I have had trouble diagnosing over the past few days. The server has ESXi 6.7 installed.

The Problem:
About 5-30 minutes after OS has booted the fans will ramp up to 100%. When this happens I can no longer access the iLO 4 webpage. The OS is unaffected and runs normally.
Before the fans ramp up, iLO is accessible and temps read fine.
The only error in iLO event logs are "iLO memory error detected at x" (x seems to be DIMM slot address) which may be a red herring but I did try some things regarding that. This error is continous and may set off some limit which is why it may be related.
Nothing is reported in Integrated Management Log as if nothing is happening.
None of the lights on the front or motherboard change or seem out of place.

What i've tried:
Removing HDDs, PCI devices all of them.
Taking all the ram out, testing a few of the DIMMs one at a time in one of the DIMM slots in each channel. The "iLO memory error detected at x" persists with every DIMM I had in the server with x changing when changing the DIMM slot used.
Borrowed and tested a DIMM out of a 360p G8 which has experienced no issues. The problem persisted, although had a bit more success., one time the fans peaked but recovered after about 2 minutes. The memory error disapeared. After reboots I failed to replicate this though.
BIOS, ROM and ILO Firmware all up to date.
Reset BIOS to factory defaults.
Pulling out CMOS battery.

I think it might be related to the memory error, even though some of the ram in this server is the same as the DL360 G8 so I believe it's compatible, but im not expert. Maybe a problem with the DIMM slots? Motherboard issue or iLO issue?
I haven't been able to find many similar cases on the internet and this has really stumpted me, any help would be really appreciated.

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Re: HP DL380p G8 fans 100% & iLO lockout

Is ILO running the latest firmware?

Does ILO diagnostics page show any issue?

Hope this helps!

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Re: HP DL380p G8 fans 100% & iLO lockout

It is running ILO 2.73 Feb 11 2020 and diagnostics page says health is good, not reporting anything.