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HP DL385 Raid 5

Charles Ooi Chia Lun
Occasional Advisor

HP DL385 Raid 5

Dear Sir,
We've raid 5 (3 disk) with our DL385 server, i was curious if i pull out one of the disks. The disk that been pull out will contains all the data right? Actually the raid data is being distributed across the 3 disks.
So back to my questions, if i pull out one of the disk, all the data will be there. So , if i slot in back the disk, all the data on the disks that been pulled out just now will be erase and follow the new data on disks 1 & 2?

Please advise.

Trusted Contributor

Re: HP DL385 Raid 5

Hi Charles

If you remove this drive and it isn't failed, you have a big chance that when plugin it back-in the drive will not rebuild properly or worse.

If you remove the drive and perform a full erase with ACU by using another server, the drive will be like a brand new and will be rebuilded by the controller.

The array controller will take the data on the other 2 drives and the distribuited parity on them to rebuild the third drive.

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Re: HP DL385 Raid 5

Someone else recently pointed out on the forum that a hot-plug disk doesn't mean it is a hot-pull disk.

I.e. do not hot-pull the drive if there is nothing wrong with it - the operation could damage the disk.
Don't panic! [THGTTG]