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HP DL580 G5 Raid Controller

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HP DL580 G5 Raid Controller

Good Day Guys

I ordered a Raid controlled from my local service provider for our HP Proliant DL580 G5 to run a HP StorageWorks 30 Modular Smart Array.

They wanted to install a HP Smart Array 6404/256 SCSI Ultra320 4 Channel Controller only to find that this card does not fit into our Server. The technical person did not know what other card will work.

My question to you fellow HP users is I want to know what Raid controlled will be able to run in a HP DL580 G5 to host a MSA30 via 2X SCSI Cables. If there is any suggestions (and if possible) please supply a orderable part number and a spare part number.




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Alex Geroulaitis
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Re: HP DL580 G5 Raid Controller

You can use 6404 (FL PCI-X HA) in DL580 G5 with PCI-X 3-slot option card, P/N 452182-B21:

(Search for 452182-B21 on that page.)

There are no other SCSI HAs that HP recommends for DL580 G5, for external storage enclosures - so the PCI-X 3-slot option card seems to be the best option.
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Re: HP DL580 G5 Raid Controller



Based on you configuration, Server DL580 G5 and Storage Box MSA 30 you have to use the below controller,


Models: Smart Array 642 Controller -- 291967-B21 



Please let me know if you need more details 


Best regards



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Re: HP DL580 G5 Raid Controller

Hello Bryan,


in cases where it is not sure whether the supported controller for an MSA does work for a Server.
I would recommend to check the quickspecs of both devices

This is the one for the DL380 G5:



And here are the quickspecs for the MSA30:


I am an HP employee.

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