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HP DL580 G5 crashes randomly

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HP DL580 G5 crashes randomly

I have 10 different HP DL580 G5 servers all with the same
configuration with on exception. All 10 have 128Gb of memory.
Some have 128Gb of HP memory and some have 128Gb of Kingston

We have for the past 6 months been experiencing random system
crashes with this error code:

An Unrecoverable System Error has occurred (Error code
0x0000002E, 0x00000000)

This first started happening when all 10 of these servers had
Kingston memory in them. In my research I saw HP articles to
use Proliant HP memory, so have been replacing all the Kingston
memory in each DL580G5 that has crashed with all HP memory.

However today on a server that 30 days ago I replaced all the
Kingston memory with HP, crashed w/ the same error codes as all
the previous times. I did more research and found this thread
that many others are experiencing the exact same symptons on the

I have run exhaustive diags, memory diags, re-seated memory
dimms countless times, reaplaced all Kingston memory with HP
memory, but I am still beging plagued by this issue. I have had
ti happen on brand new servers not in production yet, with just
a clean Windows 2003 /64 SP2 install on it. Sitting doing no
work at all. I have seen them crash on severs running SQL
server hot and heavy.

the issue is something w/ teh DL580G5 as I do NOT have this on
any other of the 100 some HP servers I have
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Re: HP DL580 G5 crashes randomly


as far as I know the HP knows about the problem and is looking for resolution.

you can try the MS hotfix, it can help you :

imho, the problem is not hardware related