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HP DL580g5 and P400 lost drive order

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Erick Arturo Perez
Frequent Advisor

HP DL580g5 and P400 lost drive order

Hi, this will sound like fiction, but an employee of the IT dept that was furious approached our dl580g5 and rearranged the order of the drives while the server was up.
we turned the server off.
So to complicate things, we do not know how the drives where arranged.
In the server we have 5 disks (all 146gb 15Krpm)

The P400 had 1 logical drive of 146gb with 1 physical disk and 1 logical drive in raid 5 with the remaining 4 disks.

I ran the ACU/ADU utility from CD but i cannot seem to find a section on the diagnostics that tells me the original order of the disks.

The P400 complains about the order being changed and prompted me to run ADU, but i do not know where to look.

Erick Arturo Perez
Frequent Advisor

Re: HP DL580g5 and P400 lost drive order

I forgot to mention this:
When I power up the server i get this message:

SLot 0 HP Smart Array P400 Controller
1785-Slot 0 Drive Array not configured
Drive Positions appear to have changed
Run Array Diagnostic Utility (ADU) if previous positions are unknown
Then turn system off and move drives to the original positions.

Erick Arturo Perez
Frequent Advisor

Re: HP DL580g5 and P400 lost drive order

For posterity:
I removed all harddisk and booted from the smartstar cd. Then I selected "system erase".
then i rebooted the server and plugged the disks.
Then at the warning prompt of the P400 telling to "F1 to continue with disabled logical volumes" and "press F2 to continue use the logical drives detected" I pressed F2 and I assume the "disks told the P400" how they are arranged.
So my server is booted again. However I will backup and resintall.
Honored Contributor

Re: HP DL580g5 and P400 lost drive order


The ADU can be found on the Smartstart CD...

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kris rombauts
Honored Contributor

Re: HP DL580g5 and P400 lost drive order


even with the drives being in another physicall position now, once the SmartArray controller has been able to read the array/logical drive information from the disks, it does not matter and you are good to go.

The only thing what might be a concern is that some (or all) disks were pulled while the server was in production, so the risk here is that something got corrupted. By taking a backup and reinstalling you will not solve this. So if you do not trust the server now, then the reinstall should be done using a fresh installation and care should be taken to verify the user data (i.e. your database ?). This is something you can do now while the server is still working.

Running ADU won't offer you much now, there is no issue with the disks drives themselves that needs investigation, they are in another position but that is corrected now and the SmartArray knows which raid stripes are in which location (disk bays), so the history of where they were before does not matter anymore.


Michael A. McKenney
Respected Contributor

Re: HP DL580g5 and P400 lost drive order

First thing, call the police and make a complaint. If he rearranged the drives and damaged the server, its a felony.

If the drives were on and engaged in RAID, he probably crashed the RAID arrays. Most controllers are smart enough to scan the drives and reorder them. RAID 5, remove two drives or fail two drives it will kill the array. Bring the server up and see if the controller can reorder the drives for you. I would start by checking the RAID 5 health in the POST configurator.