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HP DL585 G2 Upgraded CPUs Won't Boot

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HP DL585 G2 Upgraded CPUs Won't Boot

I have an HP DL585 G2 that came with 4 8218s and I just installed 4 8389s. My BIOS is A07 05/02/2011. I get all green lights, port 85 shows 00, no errors, but no beeps or video output. The server boots fine with the 8218s. What can I do to troubleshoot this?

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Re: HP DL585 G2 Upgraded CPUs Won't Boot

The 8389 processor isn't listed as compatible with the DL585 G2.

Part # 448193-B21 - the 8356 processor - is the highest processor that the DL585 G2 is listed as qualified with in the quick specs. (Part # 448193-B21 contains 2 processors)

The processor isn't officially supported by HP and probably isn't supported by the BIOS.

See the quickspecs here:

I don't think there's anything you can do to make those processors work in that system.

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Re: HP DL585 G2 Upgraded CPUs Won't Boot

Thanks so much for the quick reply.

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Re: HP DL585 G2 Upgraded CPUs Won't Boot



These CPU's should work fine in your system I have 4 x 8389 CPU's in my DL585G2 system with 16GB of DDR2-667 and they work fine.


Are your CPU's known good cpu's? it could be that they are faulty.


I upgraded from 8216 cpu's then moved to 8384 cpu's which required a bios update to work but the move to 8389 cpu's was a straight drop in.


It could be a VRM issue, can you get me the p/n of your cpu vrm's so I can compare it to my vrm's?