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HP DL585 G7 and SmartStart 8.60 x64

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HP DL585 G7 and SmartStart 8.60 x64

I just spent a couple days trying to get a brand new DL585 G7 loaded with Windows Server 2008R2 Std.

I was using a disk image I grabbed off the the Microsoft Volume License Service Center.

Apparently, HP's SmartStart is not compatible with this disk? After it asks for the disk, you put it in, it sits there at 27% complete and all DVD-ROM access halts. Status is: Disk inserted appears valid - continuing.

After reburning both the OS and the SmartStart CD AND updating to a newer System ROM from HP Support - I was still getting the error.

Co-worker decided to change terminals to TTY1 and we watched as the SmartStart CD was opening a new bash shell to run something called Ted and copy a the rtflicense.rtf file off the CD and into the tmp directory as RTFLicense.html

We killed Ted - and the process actually started up again. Got past 27% all the way to 99% and at this point it yields some error about autounattend.xml not being copied or generated and upon reboot the Windows Installation fails.

I dug around and luckily had an HP Branded Server 2008 R2 disk - but why will it not work with an ISO directly from MS?

The HP tech also said something about how I HAVE to use a Retail disk or an HP Branded disk for installation. I've used ISOs directly through MS before, and I never had issues before. Last load I did was a DL380 G7 with Smart Start 8.60 x64 and Server 2008 R2 Enterprise - this worked fine.

Any ideas? Anyone run into this before? Really has me scratching my head.
Andras Ordogh
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Re: HP DL585 G7 and SmartStart 8.60 x64


0. use ORCA to create logical drive (you can enter orca in boot time, when smart start found the hdd-s. or you can create logical drive in ACU, just boot smartstart cd, and choose Maintance)

1. install w2k8 without smartstart cd. from normal MS cd.

1.5 add windows feature SNMP. after added, open services and add community string to SNMP, for example PUBLIC/Read only. It is necessary to use System management hompage.

2. after install, download the latest psp from hp and install it (dl 585 g7 latest psp 8.6 you can download from hp: )

3. download the firmware dvd / or soft pack firmware for windows, and upgrade all fw.

4. download the newer driver than your PSP (8.6 date is: 10 sept 2010, you need to download drivers than newer this)

the 3. and 4. steps are also necessary after than you install server with smart start cd!

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Re: HP DL585 G7 and SmartStart 8.60 x64

Thanks. I tried that before but the install was complaining about a missing CD/DVD driver. I believe someone mentioned loading the iLO3 driver and that fixes that.

Regardless, I have an HP disk and I was able to get it working.

I'm just wondering why we are restricted to using the HP Disk or a Retail disk if we want to build directly with Smart Start. I've never had a problem before.
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Re: HP DL585 G7 and SmartStart 8.60 x64

I too would like an answer to this issue.

If I am unable to use burned media from Microsoft e-Open I need to notify Microsoft immediately and have then deal with HP directly.

I am not interested in using the suggestion posted by "Andras Ordogh" because I would like to use the HP Smart Start disk; because I paid for the luxury of using it. I do not want to waste an additional hour and a half to download, burn and install HP drivers and updates.

Please reply with an actual usable solution and an explanation as to WHY I am unable to use burned media form e-open.

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Re: HP DL585 G7 and SmartStart 8.60 x64

Hi, did anyone manage to resolve this issue?

unfortunately i donot have access to HP branded media so am stuck with Microsoft madia.

I have tried loading straight from Microsoft disk but it keeps asking for driver disk which i'm not sure what disk this relates to. i've tried pointing to PSP disk but no joy.

anyone found a workaround or know what driver files i need to boot from microsoft disk?

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Re: HP DL585 G7 and SmartStart 8.60 x64

I have had this problem today. I had downloaded the volume license media for "Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard x64 with SP1" and had the issue where SmartStart wouldn't get past 27%.

I then downloaded "Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard x64" (without SP1) and SmartStart installation worked fine! I then applied SP1 manually afterwards.

I have been using SmartStart 8.70 x64
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Re: HP DL585 G7 and SmartStart 8.60 x64


That's interesting - I'll have to try that next time - but I don't believe I was using an SP1 slipstreamed disk.

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Re: HP DL585 G7 and SmartStart 8.60 x64

I have just experienced exactly this problem, and have now found the solution.


The problem comes about when downloading an ISO from Microsoft which appears to complete successfully, but in fact is only a partial download.


When downloading an ISO from the MS website, instead of using the 'web browser' download option it is better to use the 'Download Manager' option.  This ensures a complete download.


As soon as I did this the installation went ahead successfully.