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HP DL585 G7 fan speeds?

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HP DL585 G7 fan speeds?

Everyone -


I've been having an issue tracking down the steps to set the internal fans on the DL585 G7 to maximum speed 24/7.  I have set the fans to the "increased cooling" mode but they are not running at full speed (they audibly speed up much faster during POST, then throttle down when booting to the OS).  This is causing the Fusion-IO Octals that are installed in the systems to overheat when heavily driven.  The intake temperatures are ~15 C.


Can someone point me in the right direction to get these fans spinning as fast as possible?  The documentation doesn't seem to be helping me.




- Dave

Leslie van der Hoek
Valued Contributor

Re: HP DL585 G7 fan speeds?

well.the server is designed to detect any temperature difference in its enclosure, especially for accelerators and such and then adjust its fan(s) settings by itself,

how are you detecting that the Fusion card are not being cooled enough?

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Johan Guldmyr
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Re: HP DL585 G7 fan speeds?

Maybe if you uninstall the hp health driver? That should keep the server from bringing the fan speed down..
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Re: HP DL585 G7 fan speeds?

I'm detecting the overheat condition by watching write speeds, they fall off a cliff after writing a couple TB to the cards.  The output of dmesg also reports that one of the Fusion devices on each Octal (there's a single Octal in both machines) is overheating and throttling (hence the slowdown of the array).  This happens after ~5-8 minutes of write activity to the cards.


The hp health driver is not installed.  The fans actually ramp down from their highest speed *just* after POST, I'm fairly sure the OS doesn't have anything to do with it.  I have heard that there is a setting for "maximum cooling" somewhere in the BIOS but can't find any mention of such a setting in any of the documentation or browsing through the settings.  I have set the server to "increased cooling" but it only helped marginally.


I'm somewhat at a loss here that there's no easy way to simply run the fans at full speed.  I don't mind the power consumption or noise - so if there is a way to accomplish this I am all ears. :)

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Re: HP DL585 G7 fan speeds?

Hello all. Just want to verify if anyone managed to resolve the fan issue? I'm in the process of building a new database infrastructure and will be using DL580's with Fusion ioDuo cards, four to be exact. Did HP support managed to address the issue since the original post?