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HP DL980 G7 Server Red External Health LED Blinking

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HP DL980 G7 Server Red External Health LED Blinking



We have a case of 4 units of HP DL980 G7 servers populated with 4 processors and 512GB of memory in the Upper tray while the lower tray is not populated at all and with 4 PSUs each.


The servers are booting and working normal except for Red External Health LED Blinking on each server. Checked for all possible causes including power, processor & memory and tried several solutions including the user guide and troubleshooting step but still no joy.


Checked the IML viewer in the Insight Diagnostics and no error messages are shown except for Lower tray processor and memory not installed. Ran diagnostics test and all components passed.


However when the Lower Tray is removed, the Red External Health LED Blinking clears. When the Lower Tray is inserted, Red External Health LED Blinking appears again.


Anyone had such experience or know any solution to resolving same, reply soones please.


Much thanks.





Re: HP DL980 G7 Server Red External Health LED Blinking



Was there any recent hardware or firmware changes being made to these servers?

Do you see any fault led on the System Insight Display panel?


Thank You!
I am a HP employee.

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Re: HP DL980 G7 Server Red External Health LED Blinking

Hello Suman,


Thanks for your response.


There was no recent hardware of firmware changes on the servers.


Yes, the Health LED (like the power spike symbol, 3rd from the top left and before the Power Cap LED) as shown below does show a blinking red LED which i believe indicates a critical situation on the servers.



Having gone through several materials on the internet which point in the direction of power issues, do pardon me if i ask wrongly: could the problem possibly as result of interchanging the PSUs from the different servers?


Reply soonest please.


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Re: HP DL980 G7 Server Red External Health LED Blinking

These servers are L2 pass through products, so I don't know the specifics of these servers.
However with ProLiant servers in general you cannot mix different power supplies in the same server, even if they have the same Watt-age. So I would definitely check if the same spare part power supplies are being used.
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