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HP Dl 380 g4 p server giving long beeps continuously no VGA getting

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HP Dl 380 g4 p server giving long beeps continuously no VGA getting

Our HP DL 380 G4 server is giving long beeps continuously after ~3secs,3secs short beep approx. when power button is pressed .Power button is working fine.when pressed,server makes sound like booting,but internal health led turns red and no video at all.We have tried to swap/remove memories,power supplies.  but nothing worked.Also we have tried to boot it with minimal configuration like no hdd,single memory, but still continuously beep sound and no video.Kindly suggest solution other than replacing system board.

NOT getting ILO connection and no VGA connection getting


Re: HP Dl 380 g4 p server giving long beeps continuously no VGA getting

Thank you for contacting HPE Support,

You may try the below steps before replacing the system Board

1> Please clean Dust if any

2> Please power down the server and Remove all the Dimms out and then power up and check if it is still beeping , if yes it is system board failure and we need to replace it.

3> Please clear NV Ram using the dip switch ,Refer page 12 (PS: Please make sure the Monitor is working fine or plug in a different monitor)

Please find the steps to clear the NVRAM :- 
 (***Please remove the drives from the server before clearing the NVRAM****)
1. Clearing the NVRAM
                1.1 Please power down the server
                1.2 Please disconnect the power cable
                1.3 Please press the power button for 10 seconds to power drain the server.
                1.4 Please wear an Anti-static Band.
                1.5 Please open the access panel of the server.
                1.6 Please check the access panel for the system diagram.
                1.7 Please look for system maintenance switch.
                1.8 Please look for switch no. 6.
                1.9 Please set the switch on "ON" state.
                1.10 Please start the server. 
                1.11 Please wait for the message " system maintenance switch is On"
                1.12 Please power down the server.
                1.13 Please set the switch back to OFF state.
                1.14 Please restart the server and check if the server is powering on.

4>If serer is connected to UPS by pass the same and try connecting to direct wall outlet and try powering it up using 1 PSU at a time

If there is still no change then you will have to replace the system Board to proceed further,

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