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HP ML 115 G5 Blue screen and now frozen

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HP ML 115 G5 Blue screen and now frozen



I have a ML115 G5 running WHS for the last 4 years or so with no problems. It had started to  blue screen and then rebooting continuously. I went into F8 and chose last known good configuration and it has now booted up but after logging in it freezes with the hourglass symbol.

I have run HP diags for a full 24 hours and it found no problems but it is still freezing on bootup.

Then tried putting the sata discs into a HP Compaq 8000 desktop and it saw the discs in the bios but wouldn't boot up from them.

The most important thing in this is to recover the data on the discs which are two 1Tb western digital discs and the 160 Gb disc that came with the server.


Any ideas greatly appreciated.



Re: HP ML 115 G5 Blue screen and now frozen



You may try few steps to further isolate the issue.


  1. Update the system BIOS and Light out firmware


2. Observe for any error message or LED indication during POST.


3. If you have Raid configuration, check the status of the logical drive during post.


4. sometime it could be due to corruption in windows system files so try repairing windows or run windows recovery option.


5. if you have any other system with empty hard drive slots. put these additional disc and boot the system from the original drive, go to disk manager and assign the drive letter to access the data.


6. If hard drives are part of raid 1, you may just try with 1 disk at a time.


hope this helps,



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